Me? I'm here. Nowhere.

I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

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Holly, the 'human tornado'
21 April 1982
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-am 26.
-am bisexual.
-have been a RENThead for 12 and a half years.
-am a compulsive spender.
-will read anything that will sit still long enough.
-drink Diet Pepsi like it's going out of style.
-am a huge nerd.
-never go anywhere without my iPod.
-still dream of being a singer.
-want to make a difference in the world.
-am terrified of change.
-live with my boyfriend.
-prefer [brackets] to (parentheses), and don't like {curly brackets} at all.
-still sleep with a teddy bear.
-rarely cry, unless I've been drinking red wine.
-am closer to my cousin Christine than anyone else in the world.
-detest the flavor of black licorice.
-have a tendency to fall for gay men and straight women.
-am a huge Anglophile.
-am just coming back from years of writer's block.
-will find money to buy a new book, even when I'm flat broke.
-sing almost constantly.
-am a compendium of useless trivia.
-like to work random quotes and song lyrics into conversations, to see if the other person notices. [They usually don't.]
-am quite possibly the least athletic person on the face of the planet.
-am a raging insomniac.
-sleep at odd hours.
-will buy almost anything if the money goes to charity.
-love to cook, but hate to have to cook.
-can't whistle.
-don't have a car.
-dream of being on Jeopardy!
-watch too much TV.
-compulsively check my e-mail.
-am obsessed with TV cooking shows.
-actually like mowing the lawn.
-miss my old job in a library.
-don't think I'm beautiful.
-hide my feelings from the world.

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